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Who is Steve Srein? 
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The journey to Real Estate for Steve Srein began in the mortgage and finance industry in 1976 at age 16 while working for a local finance company.  In 1982, Steve took a brief leave of absence from his job and joined the US Air Force. He was fortunate enough to be stationed near home and his finance job enabling him to serve his country and continue working in the finance field simultaneously.  In 1986, Steve separated from the U.S. Air Force and continued his career in finance and real estate. Steve founded People's First Financial Services, a mortgage company based out of the Philadelphia area, that eventually expanded and later relocated to Melbourne, FL in 1989.   Steve turned the company over to his former partner in 1996.  Since then Steve has started numerous other successful company's that are still in existence today.

You may be looking for something more tangible than just a household name of a realtor, some real qualifications that help differentiate one agent from another in this tough market - evidence that the agent you choose is tech and finance savvy, as well as experienced in real estate. We strive to serve our clients well, to be the best possible advisers and advocates they can find.

The best word to describe our area of expertise is "MARKETING".  We spend many  hours learning new techniques for marketing and promoting properties for the highest exposure possible for our clients whether they be MLS Listings or our For Sale By Owner Properties.  Everyone knows that the key to sell a home quickly is exposure.  That's why our focus is on marketing and the latest technology available to promote a property is what we crave! 

If you are comparison-shopping for Florida REALTOR's based on real estate qualifications, why not use the same criteria as many of the Area Association of REALTORS?  Professional Knowledge, Business Success, Community Involvement and Ethical Standards of Practice. 

Aren't these the same qualities you're looking for in a REALTOR who represents you?  

Experience in Real Estate, For Sale By Owner Marketing,  Mortgage Lending & Tax Preparation .

Serving Peoples Financial & Real Estate needs Since 1976