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Network Partners
Romancing the Road  
Tire Safety Video - ABC News 7/7/2008

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FSBO Connection Program
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Freecycle Network
ICUE & Video - Information &  Resources

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Video - Split-Video-Very Cool - Excellent Resource - Information Resource (like Microsoft Office) Check Online Speed - (Atlanta)
FSBO Connection US OnLine Program
(321) 243-4892
Fax (866) 871-9568
On Line Tech Tips

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Credit & Finance

USA.Gov- Money & Taxes
Think Big Work Small - Humorous Approach to Lending Updates - Free
The Niche Report
2009-2010 Area Median Incomes
Free Credit Report (
Debt Smart - Financial Information Resource
Mortgage Lenders Implode  
Drudge Report
Consumer Report Recession Guide
The Street - Jim Cramer
Fico Score Estimator
5 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score - Federal Reserve
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Know Your Stuff

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Foreclosure Information

Foreclosure Resources for Consumers
Qualifiying for A Short Sale
Email - Free E-Alert
Definitions You Need to Know Check Rates - Florida

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Check Rates-FreddieMac

Fun & Educational  
Whats On Line -    
Map My Hike Florida    
Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video    
Packing List Generator  
Just Weather  
LEGO Digital Designer  
Google Voice  
Free Sound Effects & Loops Check the Bond Markets
Discovery Channel "Earth Live"  
Need a Map?  
Life Expectancy Calculator  
Connie the 6 Year Old Singer - WoW  
Raising The Stone - It's a Marvel  
On Line Games - Relaxing  
Yard Sale Shopping  
Flight Simulator  
Snort Video  
Johnny Chung Lee - A Human Computer  
TV on the Web - ChimeTV  
TV on the Web - Veoh  
360-Degree Photo Viewer  
On Line Stationary -  

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Government - Federal

Failed Bank List - FDIC -  
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  

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Government - Other

Emergency Call Out System CodeRED - City of Melbourne, Florida  
Florida County Property Appraisers Database  
Brevard County Property Appraiser  
Brevard County Clerk of Courts - Official Records Page  

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Calorie Lab  

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Home Improvements

Ron Hazelton  
This Old House  

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Look for Home Owners Insurance In Florida?  

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IRS & Taxes

The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation  
How to Prove Expenses - IRS  
Tax Foundation - A History of Taxes  

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Law Enforcement / Safety

Florida Department of Law Enforcement  
Do Not Call.Gov  
US Department of Justice  
Criminal Searches  

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Library Resources - Brevard County Florida  

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Department of Veteran Affairs  

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Think Big Work Small - Humorous Approach to Lending Updates - Free    

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Real Estate

All Brevard Certified Appraisals  
TePee Home Inspections  
FSBO Connection (Golden Realty Group FSBO Division)  
FSBO Connection USA - Need a Rental In FLA?  
FEMA Mapping Service  
Choosing A Selling Price - Debt Smart  

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Public Service Commission - Google Search - Pick Your State )  
Public Service Commission - Florida -  
Compare Two Cities  
Free Newsletters  
Family Genealogy  
Bureau of Labor Statistics  

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Papa Johns  

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